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Why Do We Get Sick?

The health care system, as it stands, is not designed to help us get and remain healthy. It is primarily designed to save or prolong lives, and to ease suffering. Both are noble reasons and at times necessary, but they cannot prevent you from getting sick.


Chronic Lifestyle Diseases on the Rise

Despite increased awareness, improved surgical methods and new drug discoveries, most chronic lifestyle diseases are on the rise. The primary reason that anyone accesses the healthcare system today is as a result of chronic lifestyle diseases. The top four killers in Jamaica, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer, are all chronic lifestyle diseases. The September 5, 2012 publication of the Jamaica Gleaner contained an article in which a senior official of the National Health Fund (NHF) was warning that an increase in chronic lifestyle diseases is costing the agency billions of dollars annually. If the problem is chronic lifestyle diseases, then the solution has to be LIFESTYLE CHANGE. We cannot afford to wait until we get sick. To paraphrase the old adage, an ounce of prevention is CHEAPER than a pound of cure.

The Importance of Spinal Health

Greater emphasis must be placed on employing strategies that keep us healthy. One of the simplest strategies we can employ is to protect our spinal health. Good spinal health is a necessary component of good general health. There is an intimate relationship between the spine and a properly functioning nervous system. Our nervous system is the master control system of the body. The spinal cord resides within the spine and the spinal nerves exit between the bones of the spine. The brain must send its signal down the spinal cord and out the spinal nerves, before it reaches every cell and tissue of our bodies. Traumas such as falls and car accidents or even prolonged poor posture have a deleterious impact on our spine and nervous system. Our ability to appropriately adapt to our environment and thus remain healthy is dependent upon a properly functioning nervous system. When we can no longer adapt to our environment, we die.


View Your Symptoms from a Different Perspective

There are many conditions that can be traced back to a spinal cause. Conditions that limit our humanity and rob us of good and harmonious relationships are wide and varied. Spinal dysfunction can lead to conditions such as migraine headaches, sinus problems, eye/ear/nose/throat problems, breathing difficulty, sleep apnoea, asthma, dizziness, hypertension, heart conditions, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, irritable bowel, gas pain, menstrual problems, frequent or urgent urination, sexual dysfunction, pain, weakness or numbness in arms or legs, and countless more.


The uniqueness of chiropractic is that the chiropractor is specifically trained to identify and correct these spinal dysfunctions and increase your health potential, without drugs or surgeries. If you suspect that you or your children have a condition that might relate to spinal dysfunction, visit your family chiropractor for a conservative approach in addressing your spinal health needs.

The Gleaner , Monday | July 29, 2013

Gardner Chiropractic and Technology, GCN Jamaica, GCN
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