There are many neurodegenerative conditions that afflict humanity and have the potential to rob us of normal function. Parkinson's disease can profoundly impact a person's ability to cope with everyday function. The region of the brain that is involved in the mechanism of this disease is sometimes able to be rehabilitated and functions improved. At GCN Ltd, we will conduct a comprehensive neurological examination to determine areas of decreased function and then a programme of rehabilitative interventions will be designed to address those areas.


A stroke or cerebrovascular accident is among the leading cause of death in Jamaica and disability among our aging population. Studies demonstrate that the earlier someone begins a course of cortical retraining, the less profound the deficits and the faster the recovery of the individual. Once the patient is capable of following instructions, a rehab program can be designed to aid in their recovery.


Give us a call to schedule a neurological examination for yourself or your loved one.

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