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Denneroll Traction Devices
Denneroll Thoracic ReTrainer

THE THORACIC RETRAINER orthotic device was developed as an adjunct to the Thoracic Denneroll Orthotic. It is to be used in the early stages of patient management of hyper-kyphosis when the Thoracic Denneroll is too aggressive at first try. Thus, it is the introductory tool to get the patient used to the Thoracic Denneroll. Its unique design provides a gentle but effective stretch that assists in the correction of abnormal Thoracic Kyphosis. When properly used, the Retrainer can assist in relief of pain, muscle tension, and improved postural appearance. Enhanced patient comfort and improved health are the goals.


RETRAINER PLACEMENT:  There are three types of Thoracic Corrective setups appropriate for Retrainer application: Lower thoracic, Mid-Thoracic, and Upper-Thoracic. Only a radiographic and postural analysis can determine which placement is right for the individual patient. The Retrainer device should only be used on a firm surface such as the floor, or a bench so that an effective stretch can be applied to the Thoracic tissues.


The main features of this Denneroll Thoracic Orthotic include:

  • Contoured thoracic elliptical shape after the CBP evidence based Elliptical model.

  • Comfortable and slightly compressible to allow for patient tolerance with a firm base for support.

  • Note that changing the apex of the Thoracic spine contact with the retrainer allows customized fit to the individual patients needs and their spine.

  • Extremely portable, effective, and user friendly.


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