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Denneroll Traction Devices

Get your patients on a Denneroll and put your practice on a roll with the proven Denneroll spinal remodeling devices. The Cervical Denneroll Orthotic Device is a simple, yet complex, pillow-like device engineered with curves, angles, and ridges extrapolated from the CBP evidence based cervical spinal model. With simple training and education, you can instruct your patients to properly position the Cervical Denneroll device for low-stress, comfortable mirror-image traction (spinal remodeling) treatments at home.  Available in three sizes for tall, average, and small adults or pediatric patients the Denneroll Cervical Orthotic Device is an important addition to your patient-care inventory. Its suggested retail price is affordable for patients.


The Large Cervical Denneroll is for taller adult populations or shorter adults with increased cervical spine range of motion. The Large Denneroll has been sized for the dimensions to fit the typical adult cervical spine for adults that are approximately over 5 feet 9 inches in height.



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Denneroll Cervical Large Orthotic Traction Unit